Bracelets Red : the season 3, already in the course of writing… without the creator !

While the excellent season 2 “Wristbands Red” starts this evening on TF1, the season 3 is already being written, but without the designer Marie Roussin, who has decided to leave the ship to devote himself to a new project… PHILIPPE LE ROUX / VEMA PRODUCTION / TF1 That fans of the Bracelets Red be reassured : the season 3 of the series of TF1 is already in writing, so as to be able to offer it within a reasonable time next year. However, it is not officially commissioned, which means that the chain reserves the right not to continue the adventure if the hearings of season 2, which begins this evening, are not up to the expectations. But optimistic ! On the other hand, future episodes will not be supervised by the designer Marie Roussin, who has decided to pass the hand, as we announced in our podcast special listen below : “It is not me who will write season 3. After two seasons, I decided to draw my bow, even if I still love the series. I think we should leave the place to other. Other authors will speak with the next season.” A way, perhaps, to allow the series to find a new breath of life when the second season closes up several storylines. It is the director of the first two seasons, Nicolas Cuche, who takes over. Marie Roussin tackles in addition to a new project, again with the teen : “I wrote it 7 years ago. This is development for the time being, it is not yet ordered. It is for the platform of Amazon.” According to our information, he is “Voltaire, Mixed”, which takes place in 1962 at the pivotal period, where schools are becoming mixed.

Our podcast on season 2 in the company of the designer, Marie Roussin, pointing to the success of the first season, the series Spanish original, the new characters and other things as well :

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